You may not think of it often, but what you put in your car matters. What if one tiny switch could keep your car running longer, keep the air that you breathe cleaner, and put more money back in your bank account? The choice would be easy.

The good news is that ethanol, a cleaner and cooler burning biofuel, can do just that.

Making E15 – 15 percent ethanol blended with gasoline – the smart choice.

E15 is good for our environment.

What if when you filled up at the pump, you could make the air around us a little cleaner? You can. Compared to regular gasoline, E15 is carbon reductive. Each year, ethanol production and use decreases greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to removing 20 million cars from the road! How? Cleaner-burning means cleaner air. You can breathe easy with E15 – since it eliminates the need for cancer-causing chemicals and toxic alternatives that contribute to asthma and smog. That is something we can all rally behind.

E15 is good for our engines.

We get it. You depend on your car. Why not fuel it with something that benefits all of us? It’s simple. Nine out of 10 cars on the road can use E15 to keep their engines revving. E15 is a high-performance fuel, with a naturally high octane. It burns cleaner and cooler than regular gasoline. Americans are already driving a million miles a day on E15 and reaping these benefits every day – join them and see for yourself.

E15 is good for our wallets.

E15 gives consumers a more affordable option when fueling up. Today, our country consumes more than 19 million barrels of oil each day – one-fourth of which has to be imported from hostile foreign nations. That costs a lot – and prices fluctuate constantly based on turmoil in the Middle East. The good news – there’s an alternative: E15. And those savings are even greater when oil prices spike. That’s significant, when history shows that the next global oil crisis is never far away. Keep more of your hard-earned paycheck, and let E15 be a better alternative.

So next time you fill up, make the easy switch to biofuels. Our environment, your car and your wallet will thank you.

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