With winter weather upon us, we have to change our clothes (more layers!), our routines (snow days!), and even our health regimens (more vitamin C!).

Our driving habits have to change with the weather, too – and we’ve compiled a short list of ways to stay safe no matter how slushy, sleety, or snowy!

Keep your tires inflated
Making sure your tires are inflated decreases your risk of sliding and skidding on icy roads.

Avoid using your parking brake
If it’s freezing outside and the emergency brake cable gets wet, it can get stuck – and so will you. Minimize your chances by parking on level surfaces or in a heated garage after a drive.

Accelerate and decelerate slowly
It takes longer to slow down on icy roads – so take it easy on the gas and brake!

Keep your tank at least half-full
Keeping your tank at least half-full avoids gas line freeze-ups and protects your tank from running on empty in bad weather. Find your nearest E15 station to fuel up with cleaner-burning E15 to keep your engine running smooth and save money when you fill up: https://getbiofuel.com/fuel-finder/

If weather’s really bad – stay home
Even if you drive well in the snow, others may not. In heavy snow or sleet, consider staying in and planning a future trip instead (maybe using our Trip Planner!)

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