The phrase “living green” can sometimes be a little daunting. How does one make more sustainable, environmentally friendly choices while keeping up with busy schedules, family responsibilities, work demands, and also saving a little downtime for yourself?

This Earth Month, try these seven simple swaps to have a positive impact on the environment without having a negative impact on your sanity:

  1. LED bulbs: Replace regular light bulbs with energy-efficient, longer-lasting LED bulbs to reduce your energy footprint AND your electricity cost.
    #GreenSwap: 1 LED light bulb = 21 incandescent bulbs
  2. Reusable water bottles: Buy a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated instead of relying on plastic bottles.
    #GreenSwap: 1 reusable water bottle = over 1,400 plastic water bottles
  3. Reusable shopping tote: More than 500 billion plastic bags are littering the globe. Choose a reusable shopping tote for a sturdier and more environmentally friendly shopping option.
    #GreenSwap: 1 reusable shopping tote = 700 disposable plastic bags
  4. Reusable kitchen cloths: These reusable wipes can be washed up to 300 times and can be composted when they get too old, eliminating the need for paper towels.
    #GreenSwap: 1 biodegradable kitchen cloth = 15 rolls of paper towels
  5. Dryer balls: Dryer balls offer a more energy-efficient alternative to fabric softener sheets by improving circulation in your dryer, reducing the amount of time it takes clothes to dry.
    #GreenSwap: 1 dryer ball = 1,000 fabric softener sheets
  6. Power strips: Power strips with an on/off switch can save you money on your electric bill and conserve energy, as electronics continue to suck electricity when they’re plugged in.
    #GreenSwap: 1 power strip = over $100 saved in electrical bills annually
  7. Biofuels: Swap regular gasoline for high-octane E15 to reduce your carbon emissions and save money at the pump!
    #GreenSwap: E15 = 43% less carbon emissions than regular fuel
  8. Bonus #GreenSwap: E15 = 5 to 10 cents cheaper than regular fuel

Simple, green swaps – like fueling up with cleaner-burning biofuels instead of regular gasoline – can be easy choices that make a big difference this Earth Month.

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