The Altoona Mirror
November 24, 2016


Motorists in the Altoona area now have another fuel option for their vehicles.

The installation of the Unleaded 15 pump gives motorists five fuel choices, said Mike Lorenz, Sheetz executive vice president of petroleum supply.

Motorists can choose from the three regular grades of gasoline — 87, 89 and 93 octane.

“They are all E10 gasoline, which means they have 10 percent ethanol. This makes up 97 percent of the fuel supply in the United States,” Lorenz said.

Unleaded 15 contains 15 percent ethanol.

“Since the EPA has approved it for use in cars 2001 and newer, about 90 percent of the vehicles on the road can use it,” Lorenz said.

Flex fuel, which contains between 51 and 83 percent ethanol,  can only be used in flex fuel vehicles, which account for about 9 percent of the vehicles on the road, Lorenz said.

Unleaded 15 has some advantages.

“It is cheaper than 87, about 7 cents per gallon. It is cleaner burning with a higher octane (88). It gets about the same mileage but gives a little more power,” Lorenz said.

At the present time, 16 Sheetz stores in Pennsylvania sell Unleaded 15, including the  Claysburg location. Sheetz also sells Unleaded 15 at some locations in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio but doesn’t sell it at Maryland locations.

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