If you’ve ever set New Year’s resolutions, you know – they can be hard to keep (at best) and nearly impossible (at worst).

But studies show that writing your goals down can increase your likelihood of achieving them by 42%.

We’re all about innovation – so we’re sticking with science and writing down our five New Year’s resolutions for 2019!

1. Spend more time with the people who count.
It’s important to put the people in our lives first. By fueling up with E15, we can keep our engines running smooth, so we can be worry-free and fully present during road trips, joyrides, and car-ride singalongs.

2. Stay healthy.
It’s important to make healthy choices so we can enjoy everything this amazing world has to offer. Exercising, eating well, and fueling up with ethanol are the ways we plan to stay fit, stay healthy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2019!

3. Save more, spend less.
Financial responsibility can be a challenge – but saving up to 10 cents at the pump with E15 makes it a little easier. Wonder what adventures we’ll put those savings toward this year…

4. Do our part.
We can’t forget to give back – which is why in 2019, we will continue to choose earth-friendly biofuels like E15 at the pump to keep our planet healthy for others, too.

5. Live our best lives (truly!)
In 2019, we intend to live our best lives. From choosing how to handle a crisis to choosing what kind of fuel to put in our cars, we refuse to settle for anything less than the best – and by choosing biofuels like E15, we’re choosing the high road.

We’re excited for the New Year and everything it holds – time with family, adventures with friends, and another year of helping make a better world for ourselves and others.

Happy New Year – we’re ready for you, 2019!

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