Hi friends – Julia here! I’m writing in from just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota where I’m visiting my family for Thanksgiving! Everyone says hi.

Frank and I had a LONG drive in – but luckily, the thought of mom’s Thanksgiving turkey kept us going. Well, that and several pit stops for E15! We were almost out of gas about 20 miles from home, which means I got to stop by one of my go-to gas stations back home, a Minnoco in St. Paul!

Maybe I’m nostalgic, there’s really nothing like reliving the memory of filling up your very first car for the very first time!

Anyhow, I’m really glad to spend time with family this Thanksgiving – which got me thinking, what else am I thankful for?

A quick list of the things I’m most thankful for right now:
● Frank snoozing on my feet as I write this update
● A warm house
● A loving family
● Plenty of food to eat
● A great hometown to come back and visit
● A car that’s in tip-stop shape to makes my travels possible
● Earth-friendly biofuels like ethanol – that me help reduce my impact on the Earth

So, as we celebrate this Thanksgiving cheers to good food, good fuel, and plenty of family time!

Until next time,

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