Check out our recent road trip itinerary additions, including The East Family’s summer route, and plan your own greener, cleaner getaway.

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Cross-Country Adventures

Make the most of this beautiful country and set out on your own Green American Road Trip. We’ve put together some eco-friendly, fun-filled itineraries with Get Biofuel stops and must-see sights built in.

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The East Family had a blast on their summer Green American Road Trip

Check out their summer itinerary and plan a greener, cleaner getaway of your own! Follow @GetBiofuel on Instagram for easy-to-follow travel tips, eco-friendly ideas and photos from fellow road-tripper’s adventures.

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Travel Tips

Little changes can make a big difference. Find easy ways to reduce waste, cut carbon emissions, and help the planet on your next road trip.

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Tip 1
Make the switch to UNL88
Make your road trip greener and the air we breathe cleaner by choosing Unleaded 88 (E15) at the pump.
Tip 2
Plan for greener miles
Use the Get Biofuel Trip Planner tool to map the perfect route, and find convenient Unleaded 88 (E15) fuel stops along the way.
Tip 3
Eco friendly lodging
Opt for eco-friendly hotels, lodges and glamping experiences to make your vacation memorable and environmentally friendly. 
Let’s Go
Road Tripping

Road tripping is a great way to travel all year round! Our latest road trip itineraries offer fun things to see and do along your journey. There are six routes to choose from that are ready for any season – so which road will you take? Your next adventure awaits!

Nashville, TN
to Des Moines, IA
Nashville, TN
to Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL
to Door County, WI
Nashville, TN
to Raleigh, NC
Nashville, TN
to Fort Collins, CO
Nashville, TN
to Dallas, TX
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Check out all the fun The East Family had on the road this summer, and fuel up for a Green American Road Trip of your own!