Haunted houses, goblins and ghouls – Halloween is a spooky time of year. Whether you’re deciding on costumes, buying candy, or zipping between costume parties, there are easy ways to make your Halloween a little less scary for the environment – without giving up any ghosts.

  • DIY!
    Use old clothes for good getups. Visit thrift stores to find unique items to complete a look – and if you’re in a pinch, a bed sheet is a Halloween failsafe!
  • Create new scares from old wares.
    Reuse materials you have lying around the house to spook up your house: a giant spider made of black trash bags, webs from yarn, and other DIY decorations.
  • Buy candy in bulk.
    If your neighborhood is packed with trick-or-treaters, buy candy in bulk to reduce plastic waste from candy wrappers.
  • Use eco-friendly goodie bags.
    Pillowcases, old bags, and totes are perfect replacements for plastic bags (and for what it’s worth, you can fit a LOT of candy in a pillowcase!)
  • Fuel your ride with E15.
    Between shopping for decorations, Halloween parties, and trick-or-treating, you’ll use your wheels. Make your drive more environmentally friendly by fueling up with cleaner-burning E15.

By using a little imagination and earth-friendly biofuels, you can turn this Halloween into a night full of fun, frights, and delights – all while giving the environment a treat instead of a trick.

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