As everyone in the Carolinas prepares for the North Carolina State v. Clemson showdown this weekend, a more important rivalry will be taking place in the minds of all Carolinians, one between North and South. To settle this playfully serious debate of who’s Carolina is best, here are ten reasons why North Carolina is all around better than South Carolina.

  1.  WINNING TRADITION: North Carolina’s esteemed universities have claimed well over 60 NCAA National Titles, whereas South Carolina’s universities have managed barely more than 10.
  2.  ESTEEMED UNIVERSITIES: U.S. News & World Report’s top national universities rankings places 4 North Carolina schools inside the top 100, with Duke earning 8th, Wake Forest 27th, UNC Chapel Hill 30th and NC State coming in at 92nd. South Carolina placed one school, Clemson, inside the top 100 at 66th. Next best is the University of South Carolina at 107th.
  3. OUR RIVALRY IS BETTER: UNC v. Duke basketball features two top programs with 11 national titles between them. In their last meeting, 4.1 million people tuned in, which was the most watched college basketball game all season. Cle Clemson vs. South Carolina can usually be found on the local public access channel. Last year, way more people tuned in to Clemson v. NC State (4.5 million) than Clemson v. South Carolina (2.6 million).
  4.  CITIES: Both North and South Carolina have small townships where you can live a simpler, quieter life. However, North Carolina also has large, developed metropolitan cities perfect for people looking for social, fast-paced living.
  5.  WE HAVE MOUNTAINS AND BEACHES: In North Carolina, you can start your day skiing on Beech Mountain and end it on the shores of Wrightsville.
  6.  MICHAEL JORDAN: Ever heard of him?
  7.  HUMAN FLIGHT: No, not Michael Jordan again, two brothers named Orville and Wilbur Wright accomplish the miracle of human flight in North Carolina.
  8.  FOOD IS BETTER HERE: We brought the country Bojangles, Krispy Kreme, Texas Pete, Pepsi, Cheerwine, and Cook Out…had you at bojangles, didn’t I? Our BBQ is better too – mustard is a condiment for making average food acceptable.
  9.  WE’RE GREENER: Some Carolinians may not know this, but North Carolina is the only of the two states where E15 fuel is sold. This fuel has five percent more ethanol, so it burns cleaner and produces fewer emissions, which means the the air quality is just a little bit better up here too.
  10. INDUSTRY: According to, North Carolina is home to 110 publicly traded companies while South Carolina is home to only 17. SCANA Corporation has the highest market cap of any company in South Carolina at $8.83 billion, which would only be good enough for 13th in North Carolina.

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