When you think about your car, you likely don’t think about engine performance on a daily basis. But we know keeping your tank full is always on your mind – so why not fill up with fuel that’s both easy on your wallet AND the smarter choice for your engine?

Biofuels like ethanol are earth-friendly, renewable fuels made from grains, plants and grasses. And fuels with higher blends of ethanol – like E15 – are an easy choice at the pump to enhance the performance of your engine without having to do much else!

That’s because they are naturally higher in octane, which means more power for your engine, and they also burn cleaner and cooler than traditional gasoline to keep your engine running.

And because E15 is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for nearly all modern cars (9 out of 10 cars on the road today) there’s no reason not to start fueling your engine the smarter way!

But we aren’t the only ones who know the benefits of fueling up with biofuels – everyone from NASCAR drivers to trusted mechanics say the same:

“I think the best thing about American Ethanol is we can prove the performance on the track… we’re putting a lot of miles on it. Hard miles. Durable miles. When you can go out and run in a race car, there’s no doubt it will be a proven product in a street car.”

– Austin Dillon, American Ethanol NASCAR #3 Driver

“People need to know they have choices at the pumps. Ethanol is a good one.”

– Audra Fordin, Mechanic and Founder, Women Auto Know

E15 is the most tested fuel in history. In fact, the Department of Energy test 86 different vehicles up to 120,000 miles using E15 without a single problem – and automakers also approve E15 for use in nearly three-quarters of all new cars.

And American drivers across the country have put the fuel to the test – driving more than 3 billion miles using E15 – and that number is growing every day. Consumers know it’s the smarter choice.

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