You know how it goes: summer hits and fuel prices go up. It’s getting harder to find reliable, cost-effective ways to get around – but we’ve got you covered!

We’ve compiled a list of some alternative transportation methods to make your summer forays more affordable!

1. Roller skates aren’t just for teenagers in 1950s ice-cream parlors. Why not skate to the office?

2. Sneak a high-profile ride from your local zoo.

3. Buying a unicycle will have you rolling to work in style.

4. No pedestrian bridge? Try crossing the river via canoe!

5. If all else fails, check your parents’ garage for your old pogo stick!

If these options still don’t do the trick, share this post on Facebook and Twitter with #YearRoundE15 to show your support for sales of cleaner-burning, cost-effective biofuels all year long. It’s easier than learning to roller skate!

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