Whether it’s buying in bulk to save on groceries or saving up for your next vacation – we could all use a break and a little extra change in our pockets.

But luckily – one way to save doesn’t require any coupon clipping or scrimping. It just requires making a smarter choice each time you fill up at the gas pump!

Biofuels like ethanol are earth-friendly, renewable fuels made from grains, plants and grasses – and fuels with higher blends of ethanol, like E15, offer an affordable option each time you’re at the pump.

Choosing E15 can save an average of 5 to 10 cents per gallon! And with over 1,300 retailers offering it across 29 states (and counting), it’s an easy choice, too.

This affordable fuel is also great for enhancing engine performance – which will keep your engine running with fewer trips to your mechanic!

 “This lower cost, higher performing fuel allows Sheetz to provide superior selection and service to those who visit our stores.” 

– Mike Lorenz,
Executive Vice President of Petroleum Supply, Sheetz

But ethanol blends aren’t just a better value because of their affordability – they are valuable to the entire country. When you choose a homegrown fuel like E15 at the pump, you help support nearly 400,000 American jobs, and help to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

From putting more money in your pocket to putting homegrown jobs first – biofuels are the value you deserve every time you fill up!

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