With gorgeous summer weather and the open road ahead of us, we’re ready to enjoy a relaxing summer vacation.

However, E15 is taking a break as well – meaning from June to September, it’s harder to get the affordable, cleaner-burning biofuel that keeps our engines running smooth.

Below are five reasons we’ll miss E15 this summer:

  1. E15 is cleaner-burning:
    Ethanol burns cleaner than traditional gasoline, reducing carbon emissions by 43%!
  2. E15 enhances engine performance:
    Ethanol has a naturally high octane rating, which helps boost engine performance and allows engines to run smoothly.
  3. E15 is more affordable:
    On average, E15 saves customers 5 to 10 cents per gallon at the pump – meaning lower summer gas prices to fuel vacation adventures.
  4. E15 keeps air clean:
    Ethanol eliminates the need for cancer-causing chemicals in traditional fuel that contribute to asthma and smog. We breathe easier with E15!
  5. E15 makes our own vacations greener:
    By choosing higher blends of ethanol at the pump, we fuel our adventures with the greener choice. This makes every mile worthwhile in the effort to keep our environment clean!

With E15 on summer break, we’ll miss all of the ways biofuels help save us money while keeping the environment clean and our engines going strong. Share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #E15YearRound to show your support for greener biofuels all year long!

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