May is Clean Air Month, and we’re celebrating the warmer weather by reaching for ethanol every time we fuel up!

E15 burns cleaner and cooler than traditional gasoline, which is good for our environment and our engines. Technical director of ECR Engines and ethanol expert Dr. Andy Randolph recently demonstrated the difference between ethanol and gasoline during an event we hosted at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

When you choose traditional gasoline at the pump, it causes your car to emit dangerous chemicals into the air. Ethanol contains extra oxygen, so it burns cleaner. That’s good for the air – and our lungs.

Ethanol is the earth-friendly biofuel that contains no toxic chemicals. By choosing E15 during your routine fill-up, you can help improve air quality and cut carbon emissions!

This May, celebrate Clean Air Month by using our fuel finder tool to search more than 800 gas stations across the country to find E15 near you. You’ll make your wallet happy — and your lungs even happier!

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