It’s a fact that biofuels like E15 are the smarter choice at the pump, cutting carbon emissions, boosting engine performance, and letting us keep a little more of our hard-earned paychecks by reducing the cost of fuel options at the pump.

The benefits of biofuels are great – and they fuel more than just your next trip to the grocery store or tomorrow’s commute into work.

Below is a list of five ways biofuels like ethanol drive the innovations of a brighter tomorrow.

  • Biofuels are the fuel of the past, present, and future.
    In 1925, Henry Ford called ethanol the “fuel of the future” – and he’d be proud of how far we’ve come. Ethanol currently cuts carbon emissions by an average of 43 percent, and the USDA expects that number to rise to 50 percent or more by 2022 thanks to ongoing innovations.
  • Biofuels are constantly advancing.
    Currently, ethanol is most efficiently made from crops like corn and sorghum. However, new technologies allow ethanol to be created from other materials like wood chips and agricultural waste.
  • Biofuels give you wings – kind of.
    In 2016, Alaska Airlines made the first-ever commercial flight using biofuels. The plane flew from Seattle to D.C. using fuel made from tree bark. This year, Boeing flew its 777 ecoDemonstrator, its most advanced aircraft to date that runs on biofuel made from animal fat and beef tallow waste.
  • Biofuels power buses with buzz.
    Last year, London made headlines by powering buses with biofuel sourced from used coffee grounds.
  • Biofuels bring the best of scientific innovation right to your tank.
    E15 is the most tested fuel in history. For example, the Department of Energy tested 86 vehicles for a total of six million miles using E15 without a single fuel-related problem. It has been approved by the EPA for all vehicles 2001 or newer, and many automakers – including Ford, Chrysler, and GM – all warranty E15 for all new models.

Biofuels are proof that innovation is constantly working to provide consumers with the most efficient, sustainable fuel options. And with more and more stations offering higher blends of ethanol, innovative biofuels like E15 are easy to bring to your own tank. Find your nearest station here:

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