Audra Fordin and Rachael Ray are practically BFF’s. On Thursday, April 6, Fordin shared four useful car tips with viewers of the Rachael Ray Show. “I’ve been on this show three times now,” said Fordin. “Talking about cars is my favorite thing to do and this is my favorite place to do it.”

Like most things, auto maintenance is simple (but not easy). Cleaning your headlights isn’t hard, but most people never do it. That’s too bad, because visibility problems can easily cause a traffic accident. “Headlights are like glasses,” said Fordin. “It’s easier to see when the frames are clean!”

Schools are so focused on teaching math and science to our children that they’ve abandoned the trades. As a consequence, people don’t have a clue how to take good care of their cars anymore. Audra Fordin is on a mission to educate and empower drivers all over the U.S.

Audra has led 1,000+ women through her Women Auto Know workshops — which helped her increase her auto shop’s business by 33% in just two years– and she reaches more than 300,000 people through her blogs, articles, videos, magazine columns, and social media updates.

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