Valentine’s Day is a time to shower affection on the ones you love.

Whether you’re spending it with a significant other (or with a significant amount of ice cream – we don’t judge!), make a little room for E15 and help spread the love to yourself, your car, and the environment!

Here are four reasons to make E15 your fuel-entine:

1. Financial self-care.
How can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself? E15 saves you up to 10 cents per gallon at the pump – meaning you save more money to splurge on your S.O. or yourself.


2. E15 shows a little love to your car.
E15 burns cleaner and cooler than traditional gasoline, helping your engine run smooth. (Think of it like a big hug, but for your car.)

3. The environment will love you back.
Ethanol cuts carbon emissions by 43%, and it also reduces the need for toxic chemicals in gasoline that contribute to asthma and smog. By fueling up with ethanol blends like E15, you’re choosing the earth-friendly fuel – and that’s something to love.

4. E15 is a dream date, wherever you go.
Headed to the movies? A night at the theatre? A quick run to the grocery store? Wherever you’re spending Valentine’s Day, E15 is there for you. Find your nearest station using our Fuel Finder:

Happy Valentine’s Day from Get Biofuel! ❤️

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